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Bongs and Construction

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Water bongs and construction of

One of the best ways to smoke your weed is through a water bong or hooka.
       Smoking weed from joints or pipes contain harmful chemicals called carcinogens. Carcinogens are created by burning matter, and many of thoes carcinogens are water soluble, so when smoke passes through water it removes many of the harmful chemicals Without removing the active ingredient because THC is not water soluble. A good choice if you don't want cancer!
      Smoking through water bongs also makes the smoke cooler and therfore making it easier on the lungs so you can take in more smoke and hold for longer. The more water it passes through the better filtration and cooling.
warmer bongwater = higher filtration
cooler bongwater = a smooth illusion
     Some people believe using beer or alcohol as bong water gets you higher, when in fact the alcohol removes THC when passing through not to mention breathing in alcohol fumes. So unless someone is drinking the bong water after(which i would not because it will contain many carcinogens), THC will have gone to waste.
     Now some of us may not know of any stores that sell smoking devices or maybe you want to buy weed with that money instead. Never the less you can make one out of any botel that is air tight.
This is one that i made from a nesquick bottel. It has the tube from a turkey baster with a tin foil bowl on top and 2 epmty pens coming out of the side to breath from, that is called a hooka (becasue of the water and multiple breathing fixtures).


Water bongs work by breathing in to an airtight closure(bottel) with a bowl conected to a straw or something similar that runs beneth the water level. Breathing causes the air pressure in the chamber to become very low causing air to be forced down the straw and bubble up to the surface to be inhaled.


<----This was a very goood one that i made, it is a double filterd one making hits smoother and more filterd and 2 pens coming out again. You could twist the bottle cap for a choke if you wanted one.
PS. A glue gun is a bongmakers best friend!

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