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Cannabis & Bongs...The Science


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For people who don't know weed/cannabis/marijuana/ganja/pot/grass/herb/hemp is made up of plant material and in this plant is a chemical called delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), there is also a chemical related to THC that is called cannabidiol (CBD) which has an imortant role in the way it makes you feel and is believed to be the #1 cancer-causing agent in cannabis. Your highness off the weed depends on the percentage of THC that ranges from 3-30 usually.
        Weed can be smoked or baked(in fatty foods) or drank in a distilled alcoholic mixture.
        Good weed consists of the flower tops (buds) and leaves (to a lesser extent) of the female cannabis plant, as the male is called hemp and has minimal THC, not enough to get high.
       Quality grain is usually $10 per gram and the more you buy the better deal you will recive, depending on your dealer. You can get damn good buds for less than 5/g when bought in bulk.
      It is very easy to buy weed, theres definetly a dealer around your area who will be glad to sell.

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