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Cannabis & Bongs...The Science

Ways of extracting THC

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Extracting THC into drink or food

You should really know what you are doing before trying these!
There are 2 ways of extracting THC from weed. THC is fat and solvent soluble.
One method of extracing is to purchase 90% alcohol everclear for example and put as much weed as alcohol in an airtight bottel and let sit for about a week and a half (the longer the better) or if u cannot get 90% (180 proof grain) alcohol then u could use 40% preferibly vodka(so you can see is change colour) and let sit for a 4-5 weeks, then drink.
The other method is to extract THC into fat(butter/oil), simmer the weed in the butter/oil but remember to have as much weed as oil/butter in your mixture (most brownie recipies use about 2/3 a cup of oil and there should be more then a quarter of grass used in the recipie) and simmer on low heat for a while 30-60 minutes until it turns a orangeish or light brown tint and now you have cannabutter(remember to remove weed after extracting) and follow the directions on the cake mix box or browines but use the weed butter as the subsitute for regular butter/oil.
Another more healthy way of doing this is to use water in the mixture so the water soluble matter can be dissolved into the water and removed when seperating the hardend oil from the useless water underneath (this way also prevents burning & fire).
     But be sure not to bake it at too high a tempuature because THC has a boiling point of 200 C (392 F) any higher and it will vapourize the THC in the oven.

     Hash oil is commonly made by mixing butane in liquid form with ground weed in an air tight container, one product spcificly made for this purpose is called a Honey Bee Extractor. Once you let it sit, expose the solution to air and the butane will oxidise leaving you with the sticky extracted oil (BHO). This oil is very thick and is best dealt with when heated.
     Another way is by mixing your weed with pure alcohol, once you let it sit in an airtight bottle let the alcohol oxidise. Using anything other then 100% alcohol will leave you with left over liquid making the oil runny and not as pure and also, if done improper, can be more harmful to the user.

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Some names for drugs using the extraction method are Oil, BHO, Special Browines, Space Cake and Green Dragon.

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